Short stories and flash fiction

The Man with the Musical Name

Published in: The Esthetic Apostle, December, 2018

The man’s names rhyme so whimsically, I find myself singing them as I walk the corridors. But when I see him, usually in the dark from the edge of his bed, I call him only by his first…

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Slowly Through Glass

Published in: The Lost Sparrow, Spring, 2017

Standing at the kitchen window, looking into the yard, I was enthralled by a bird which seemed intent on dismantling my tiny garden. Its beak, claw and body were a blur, and I couldn’t recall having seen such frenzied activity as it catapulted itself forward in a succession of tiny leaps, using the force of its fall – the stab of a beak, the scratch of a foot – to excavate such quantities of soil that it seemed only a matter of time before the plants would be uprooted and the bird swallowed whole…


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