Short stories and flash fiction

A Love of Strangers

November, 2020

One day I took a walk I will never forget. I was in Brooklyn, passing through Boerum Hill in the direction of downtown. It was one of those glorious spring mornings where the trees are enchanted and every flower is cheerful and sweet-smelling. I was headed towards a café whose name I have long since forgotten─ but the miracle took place outside its front door…

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The Man with the Musical Name

Published in: The Esthetic Apostle, December, 2018

The man’s names rhyme so whimsically, I find myself singing them as I walk the corridors. But when I see him, usually in the dark from the edge of his bed, I call him only by his first…

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Slowly Through Glass

Published in: The Lost Sparrow, Spring, 2017

Standing at the kitchen window, looking into the yard, I was enthralled by a bird which seemed intent on dismantling my tiny garden. Its beak, claw and body were a blur, and I couldn’t recall having seen such frenzied activity as it catapulted itself forward in a succession of tiny leaps, using the force of its fall – the stab of a beak, the scratch of a foot – to excavate such quantities of soil that it seemed only a matter of time before the plants would be uprooted and the bird swallowed whole…


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